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My wellness programs are all different in content, but have the same basic structure:


THE ASSESSMENT SESSION will include goal and deadlines setting; health screen; body composition analysis; muscular strength/endurance and flexibility testing and nutritional review (optional).

START UP. During the pre-conditioning stage, exercise sessions are performed at the lower end of the training range to help avoid muscle soreness, injury, discomfort and discouragement.
(4 to 6 weeks)

CHALLENGE. During the conditioning stage, intensity is increased. Retesting all components of physical fitness takes place and objectives can be changed. (8 to 20 weeks)

STAYING FIT. During the maintenance stage, lifestyle changes take place and daily exercise and proper nutrition become a part of life rather than a chore. (5 –6 months after the start of the training or whenever the goals are achieved)

SUPPORT. I offer email, telephone and nutritional counseling online support throughout your training process.

LOCATION: Programs are conveniently taught at a location of your choice – opt for the comfort of your living room, head for gorgeous San Francisco parks or a state-of-art personal training studio. Babies and dogs are welcome!

SCHEDULE: I offer flexibility to fit workouts into your busy schedule, and adapt them to changes in weather and location. Please call 415.215.2986 for an appointment.

COST: Both luxury and economy packages are available.

A working mother can conscientiously take care of her children, a household, a business and HERSELF… and still look good in spandex!

As a financial planner, there is always a numeric “right” answer for things related to money. However, if you are experienced, you will soon realize that there is more to financial success than “right answers”. Getting people to put into action a plan that works for them requires a comprehensive understanding of their values, their habits, their weaknesses and their strengths.

As a Personal Trainer, Anna has these exact skills and she utilizes them in a way that will make EVERY serious client SUCCESSFUL. She understands how our psychology and background affect our eating and exercise habits. She starts exactly where you are and shows you a CLEAR PATH to where you want to be. I really look forward to my sessions with her. Not only do we share a similar philosophy with our clients, but the time is well spent because she adds value at every turn. She generously shares all her tricks with me which saves a lot of time. Smart businesswomen know the value of having an ally at their sides when taking on a new challenge. Let’s be honest, giving our bodies a place in our busy lives isn’t easy. But Anna has shown me, by example, how a working mother can conscientiously take care of her children, a household, a business and HERSELF…and still look good in spandex! What woman wouldn’t be inspired by that!

Brandi Bernazzani
Scalisi & Bernazzani Financial Services

After many years of stress and lack of exercise, I decided it was time for a change and broke up with a 10 year destructive relationship. I took on remodeling the house and decided it was also time to remodel myself, which I successfully did in a relatively short time thanks to Anna. She did a great job helping me to get my abandoned and sorry body back into shape!

...A year later I got married to a wonderful man and now we are expecting so in essence Anna helped me to make my dreams come true.

-- Olga, trained with Anna for three years


I design programs for each of my clients and programs range from very basic to luxury options. If you feel that you are at the stage of your life when you want to focus on your wellbeing I will offer a very special Fitness Spa Program for you.

Your personal program might start with scenic hike in Pacifica, stress-releasing Thai massage and a fragrant herbal bath. You may encounter anything from Dance Yoga session to gourmet cooking class, from a flow of consciousness diaries to decadent chocolate skin-care treatment, from shopping spree in New York to rollerblading in Golden Gate Park. This program is not for everyone. It is time consuming and requires a full commitment, but it brings breathtaking results. The expert team will take you to the next stage of your fitness… and life: see for details.