"Anna's Postpartum Fitness class at Natural Resources gave me hope. I was unhappy with the way I had gained more weight after giving birth. Anna explained to me that many of the issues I faced were common among new mothers, and that there was a way to get back into shape. She thoroughly explained the importance of combining cardiovascular work, strength training, and good nutrition. She broke down the steps, so losing weight wasn't so overwhelming. With a lot of work and commitment, I felt that my weight loss goals were reachable."

-- Frances H. & Emmie (11 months)

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A perfect solution for a "do it yourself" approach is a seminar that will provide you with basic knowledge and strategy to reach your goals in the most efficient way. Classes are taught at various venues in SF. For schedules or for sign up sheets please email me at anna@fitnessformothers.com.

  1. EXPECT MORE! Prenatal Wellness and Fitness Workshop's highlights include prevention and movement therapy of sciatica, low back pain, knee pain, foot and leg cramps, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, abdominal muscles separation (diastasis recti), urinal incontinence and other common pregnancy related conditions; transverse abdominis muscle recruitment for active labor to prevent tears and episiotomy, best nutrition plan for morning sickness.

  2. GET YOUR BODY BACK! Postpartum workshop will help you to beat guilt, boredom and dissatisfaction. No gyms, no babysitters - get back in shape having fun and enhancing your baby's emotional development at the same time. Effect of exercise on breastfeeding moms; changes in body-shape; getting rid of jelly-belly stomach; treating stretch marks and cellulite; urinary incontinence control; pain and discomfort of postpartum stages.

    A version of GET YOUR BODY BACK! called Mommy and Me Get Fit was presented at the Commonwealth Club of California.

  3. MOMMY’S TUMMY is a sixty-minute practical workshop dedicated to your midsection. We will cover every issue: muscle separation; buldge; jelly-belly; love handles; stretch-marks, cellulite; C-section scar issues; loss of sensitivity; low-back pain; stiffness. Fast fixes to feel better now and a long term plan for that flat, healthy tummy of your dreams.

For More Info: Please email me at anna@fitnessformothers.com or call me at 415.215.2986.

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