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PAIN AND DISCOMFORT MANAGEMENT AND PREVENTION. Relieve the discomforts of pregnancy related medical conditions through movement therapy and preventive routines. (Lower-back pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, hemorrhoids and abdominal muscle separation).

PREGNANCY FITNESS PROGRAMS. Fitness program for healthy expectant mothers designed to decrease the risk of a wide range of problems from gestational diabetes, high blood pressure to stretch marks. The components include:

Aerobic (cardio) training to improve circulation and relieve or eliminate such problems as leg cramps and varicose veins.

Flexibility. Gentle yoga stretches to release muscular tension and Active Isolated Stretching to leave you feeling “lighter” and “your joints oiled.”
Thai Yoga massage for pregnancy to relieve pain.

Resistance training with free weights to strengthen and stabilize your upper and lower body for carrying the baby.

Pelvic floor muscles training to decrease the necessity of intervention procedures (Caesarean sections, episiotomies, epidurals) and prevent urinary incontinence.

Abdominal conditioning routine to prevent muscle separation and to prepare you for pushing.

Breathing awareness is taught as an important component of maternal fitness.

ERGONOMICS. A one time consultation on the ergonomics of nursery and infant products will help you to avoid muscular discomfort and injuries by making the right choices for your stroller, crib, changing table, breastfeeding chair, and other nursery items. I will tell you how to train your cat to stay out of the crib!

With Anna, you get results.

I have trained with Anna for almost seven years, starting with when I was pregnant with my second child. Anna has helped me work through many stages, from pregnancy through establishing a healthy routine post-partum, including working on posture, flexibility and cardio fitness. I work and have two kids; seeing Anna regularly helps me keep fitness and nutrition as part of my life even when other things get hectic. It is the big treat I do each week just for me.

Anna is a real professional—she is extremely knowledgeable, and is always reading and thinking and learning to add to add to her expertise. She knows what she is talking about. She has taught me how to approach food and exercise in a much more intelligent and effective way. She looks at the total lifestyle package, including exercise and nutrition.

Recently I decided I wanted to drop some clothing sizes. Anna developed a nutrition plan for me, added weight-lifting to my routine, and changed up my cardio exercises. I called her from Trader Joe’s and she talked to me on the phone as I went up and down the aisles. I now go to work each day with healthy foods that keep me energized all day, even while I cut calories and drop clothing sizes. She had her little boy film her doing a special leg routine tailored for me, so I could exercise to that DVD at home. I have been delighted with the smaller, stronger me (plus an excuse to buy new clothes is fun too).

With Anna, you get results.

Rachel Bernstein

A STOMACH-SOOTHING SMOOTHIE calms down nausea and vomiting ; consume one gram of ginger a day.

In a blender, puree: 11/2 inch piece of gingerroot, peeled and finely chopped, 1 banana, 1 navel orange, peeled, pitted and trimmed, 2 tablespoons frozen orange-juice concentrate, 1 cup nonfat vanilla yogurt.

While still blending, add three ice cubes one at a time until mixture is smooth. (2 servings)

TIP: ANTI-CRAMP STRETCHES will reduce swelling in ankles, varicose veins, discoloration of the legs, and cramps. Perform these stretches before getting out of bed, going to sleep and after standing or sitting for extended periods of time.

  • Bend and stretch first your ankles then your toes Roll your feet around in circles, first in one direction then the other
  • Roll a can of soup or a tennis ball with your foot
  • Pick up a tissue or a toy with your toes
  • “Iron” the floor with your toes
  • “Play Piano” with your toes