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Going to a gym when there is no time to brush your teeth is. unrealistic. And not necessary. You CAN work out with your baby around 24/7 - at home! All my programs are created with your baby in mind - we will use a stroller outside and many funny tricks inside to make exercise fun for both of you.

POSTPARTUM RECOVERY - STAGE ONE. This program will support and guide you through the recovery from childbirth and prepare you for the next stage of the conditioning program. Basically every aspect of your new life is covered: breastfeeding and exercise, test for and correction of abdominal muscles separation, pelvic floor rehabilitation, complete relaxation to release muscle and emotional tension, postpartum yoga poses to correct posture and strengthen the upper and lower back, feet assessment for postpartum changes, nutrition strategy, and coping with baby blues. (for 6 weeks to 12 weeks postpartum)

POSTPARTUM RECOVERY - STAGE TWO. This program for healthy mothers focuses on weight loss, aerobic fitness, strength, posture, abdominal toning, and balance. Common pains and discomfort of motherhood such as upper and lower back pain, neck stiffness, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis and knee pain are addressed through assessment, strengthening and stretching.

RESHAPING YOUR BODY. Program for women who are looking at perfecting their body shape. Challenging and fun, precise and demanding, the program uses the Russian Shaping approach, which is based on sports medicine science principles and brings terrific results if followed with diligence. Your program might include yoga, Pilates, ballet, salsa, belly dance or martial arts segment.


“I hobbled up the stairs, clinging to the banister. The ligaments in my pelvis felt sore and tight. This was normal for me when I started up my running routine after having a long break, but a three block walk was hardly the equivalent of a three mile run, right? Maybe an outing so soon after having a baby hadn’t been such a good idea.

I stopped to stretch my legs. I had forgotten to take Motrin before I left the house and hoped stretching would alleviate some of the now familiar ache in my hips and legs.

Why hadn’t anyone warned me about this soreness? I’d heard, “Your life will never be the same after the baby,” but no one said, “You’ll never be able to walk again.”

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Diana Orgain is yet another Fitness for Mothers success stories. Battling sleep deprivation, diaper blowouts and breastfeeding mishaps, her POSTPARTUM DETECITVE muddles through a crime investigation, Mommy style. Diana knows about most of these experiences first hand. She is an author and a mother of two. POSTPARTUM DETECTIVE is her first mystery novel.

Diana is a living proof that WE CAN DO IT – be creative, successful, loving, caring AND find time for ourselves. Diana generously agreed to share some of her MyFoodLog notes with other moms – I think it can be inspiring to all of us. See for yourself:

“Hi Anna,

I am checking in from the writer’s conference. 3pm - the cookie break. Only I thought - wait a minute, I don’t really want a cookie. I REALLY want to go check my e-mail - see if there’s any news from the agents. So I poured myself a peppermint tea and logged on…

Big news! Got the agent. She is one of the top rising agents - so I’m very very happy.

Did work out today. If I am focused I get what I want... so there, I am trying to be more focused on fitness while trying NOT to lose my mind in the writing/agent game.

More news....drum roll...I’m pregnant!”