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In addition to my main specialty – maternal fitness and wellness - I prepare and teach customized wellness programs that help women to enhance the quality of life.

RUSSIAN BOOTCAMP FOR WEIGHTLOSS. This intense weight loss program is based on American Council on Exercise guidelines, incorporates the Russian Shaping approach and is very successful. Try it my way!

BACK PAIN. This program starts with an ergonomic assessment and adjustment of your environment and daily routines. Low back and upper back protocols combine behavioral retraining, yoga, Pilates core strengthening, and Active Isolated Stretching.

FEET. This program addresses such common problems as heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, fallen arches, hammered toes, and bunions. To relieve discomfort and to prevent further developments we will check and adjust shoes type and size, stride and body weight distribution, and work on strengthening and stretching your feet.

MENOPAUSE AND PMS. Hormone related discomforts of PMS and perimenopausal stage are significantly relieved by lifestyle adjustments. Yoga stretches release emotional and physical tension, cardio programs improve circulation, and resistance training prevents bone loss.

CELLULITE COMBAT is a very successful cellulite fighting program that consists of a muscle-specific resistance training program, nutrition strategy, cardio routine, recommendations on massage treatment, and Anna’s secret trick.

FITNESSOLOGIE is a new line in training. The group of elite experts offer the privileged clients a unique blend of psychological and physical fitness. Your personal program might start with a scenic hike in Pacifica, stress-releasing Thai massage and a fragrant herbal bath. You may encounter anything from Dance Yoga session to gourmet cooking class, from a flow of consciousness diaries to decadent chocolate skin-care treatment, from shopping spree in New York to rollerblading in Golden Gate Park. This program is not for everyone. It is time consuming and requires your full commitment, and it brings breathtaking results. See for details.  

A Note about Special Conditions

Throughout my practice I have enjoyed working with clients with various disabilities. I design programs maximizing their efficiency of physical function based on a doctor’s diagnosis and recommendations. Among my clients are women suffering from diabetes, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, Crohn’s disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, thyroid disorders and wheel-chair bound individuals. Personally, it is very rewarding and inspiring to be able to help people coping with pain on a daily basis. In 2003 I was diagnosed with a chronic metabolic disease. Living with a major health condition made me appreciate the benefits of healthy lifestyle even more.

-- Anna         

Frances with dog

"Because of Anna, I have become a healthier and happier person. In a year and a half, Anna has helped me regain my strength despite of my chronic disease. And I am excited about re-sculpting my body! (Plus, my dogs love her, too.)"

-- Frances G.