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Nutrition is an integral part of any wellness or fitness program. I will help you with strategy and planning, scheduling meals around your workout schedule for maximum results, and acquiring necessary knowledge reading nutritional labels and understanding serving sizes. By educating my clients on body metabolism, caloric balance concept and major nutrient qualities I achieve dramatic results in lifestyle changes. I have many useful motivational tips and behavioral "tricks". For a detailed nutritional plan and specific recommendations I will refer you to a registered nutritionist.

It is recommended for nursing mothers to have five or six small meals, little more than snacks, per day, rather than three larger ones. Like your baby, you will benefit from small nutritious snack that do not overwhelm your system. Keep a bowl of fruit, a full jug of water and a glass always ready next to your favorite spot for nursing the baby. That way, each time you sit down to nurse, you can reach out for a nutritious snack and a good drink of water.

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Permanent Changes

Anna's approach to nutritional counseling is based on scientific research, and when paired with counseling brings not only permanent weight loss but permanent changes in life-style habits and self-image. For example, self-awareness exercises - like identifying, acknowledging, and observing attitudes, behaviors, habits and emotions - gradually reshape the client's coping patterns in different environments. Because true and lasting behavioral change is possible only through changing our mentality, counseling is critical for clients with eating disorders and body image issues.

Through counseling, clients re-evaluate and examine their attitudes toward food and the emotional associations they have with it. This is crucial because food is deeply embedded in our psyche and is welded to many basic concepts. These include, on the one hand, a mother's love, family, and comfort of home. On the other, they include feelings such as guilt, sin, fat, disgust, etc. Clients also learn about the origins and nature of their own self-image and their attitudes toward their bodies. They learn to recognize their emotional triggers and develop skills to self-regulate and self-soothe, without recourse to food or other external methods. Special attention is given to the recognition and breaking of the particular self-defeating or sabotaging repetition-compulsion patterns clients have developed throughout their life.

The inclusion of counseling in Anna’s wellness program is based on the recognition that a person’s behavior - in both small and large areas of their lives - is governed by the same basic psychological patterns and learned behaviors. Therefore, to change one's body, you must also change one's mind.

Katherine Jordan, Ph.D., CASAC. Currently a practicing psychotherapist at the New York Institute for Modern Psychoanalysis. and



Struggling with nutrition issues? Try tracking your food intake, the proved method to establish a healthy eating routine without dieting.

Go to, register and get important information about your food choices on a daily basis.

You will learn more about your nutritional choices and will make educated lifestyle decisions.

Anna visits her clients at and provides support and guidance when needed.

“Smart businesswomen know the value of having an ally at their sides when taking on a new challenge.“
--Brandi Bernazzani

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Elisa Menzel is a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals and specializes in Women's Health. As a graduate of Bauman College in Berkeley, California, Elisa relays her knowledge as a Certified Nutrition Educator with a focus on Holistic Nutritional options that can be applied in everyday life.

With a fun, hands on approach to teaching, Elisa instructs small groups and individuals through the process of taking healthy, widely available, ingredients and creating easy to follow recipes which promote good health, weight loss, and an enjoyable life. Healthy nutrition is a central theme in Elisa's work as she provides motivation in a pleasurable learning environment with the flexibility to work with your schedule, location, and individual needs.